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Chair of Applied Ethics, University of Jena - [German]


University Chair (national)


Knoepffler, Nikolaus (Prof. Dr. mult.)

Zwätzengasse 3

07743 Jena

Phone: +49-(0)3641-9 45 800 Fax: +49-(0)3641-9 45 802

E-Mail: n.knoepffler@uni-jena.de
URL: http://www.ethik.uni-jena.de/


Knoepffler, Nikolaus (Prof. Dr.)

Short Description:

The Center of Ethics of Jena University and the Chair of Applied Ethics at Jena University promote and coordinate the interdisciplinary research and teaching of ethical questions. It fosters the interdisciplinary approach of Jena University by organisation of courses, symposiums and projects. The Center and the Chair of Applied Ethics advice decision-makers in the society (politicians, members of scientific organisations, economists, churches and other organisations). It promotes the discussion of ethical questions in the academical as well as the non-academical world, nationally and internationally.

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