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Ethox Centre (ETHOX) - English


Research Centre (national)


Parker, Michael (Prof.)

The Ethox Centre

Gibson Building/Block 21

University of Oxford

Woodstock Road

OX2 6HA Oxford

United Kingdom

Phone: +44-(0)1865-287885 Fax: +44-(0)1865-287884

E-Mail: michael.parker@ethox.ox.ac.uk
URL: http://www.ethox.org.uk/


Parker, Michael (Prof.)

Short Description:

The Ethox Centre is a multidisciplinary academic research centre founded in 1998 within the University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division (Departments of Public Health and Primary Health Care). The Centre’s approach is to carry out first-class academic research and teaching alongside close involvement with health services and medical researchers that contributes to national and international debates in scholarship and policy-making. This is to ensure that the research is based on an intimate understanding of the practical issues faced by patients, health professionals and medical researchers; and that practical support of health services is based on good research. This practical experience informs all aspects of the Centre’s work, and provides the basis for its activities at national and international level.

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