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Institute of Bioethics at the Foundation for Health Sciences - [Spanish]


Research Centre (national)


Avda. De Pio XII, 14

28016 Madrid


Phone: +34-(0)91-3530150 Fax: +34-(0)91-3505420

E-Mail: info@fcs.es
URL: http://www.fcs.es/


Gracia, Diego (Prof.)

Short Description:

The Institute of Bioethics is a body created within the structure of the Foundation for Health Sciences, and dependent on its Board of Trustees. Its objective is to coordinate the activities of the Foundation concerning the field of Bioethics.

The Institute of Bioethics aspires to be a forum concerned with a variety of disciplines, an assembly for unrestricted and sensible discussion of all matters of great significance related to the sphere of health, especially those posing serious ethical problems.

The basic purpose of the Institute is to defend the dignity of men an women. The discussion of issues will not have other limitations than the respect of fundamental human rights, including the right of freedom of conscience.

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