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Inter-University Chair in Law and the Human Genome at the Universtiy of Deusto - [Spanish]


University Chair (national)


Cirión, Aitziber Emaldi (Prof.)

Universidad de Deusto

Avenida Universidades 24

48007 Bilbao

Phone: +34-(0)94-413-9287 Fax: +34-(0)94-445-5513

E-Mail: llarraza@genomelaw.deusto.es
URL: http://www.genomelaw.deusto.es/


Casabona, Carlos Romeo (Prof.)

Short Description:

In accord with the Agreement of Collaboration for the creation of the BBVA Foundation- Foral Diputation of Vizcaya Interuniversity Chair in Law and the Human Genome, signed by these two Institutions and by the University of Deusto and the University of the Basque Country, the Aims of the creation of this Chair refer to the coordination, direction and development of activities of investigation, study and dissemination of the legal aspects related to investigations on the human genome and its applications. In effect, the current knowledge on the development of these scientific investigations emphasizes the important implications that their results and achievements have for individuals, as well as for the future of the human being and society, interest that is increased to a great extent also by the still considerable ignorance of some of their possible effects and conclusions. It is clear that the Law has frequently been outpaced by the constant technological and scientific innovations that have been taking place throughout the 20th century, in a process of acceleration difficult to assimilate, which has led, on not a few occasions, to responses that have been late and insufficient. Anyhow, it must not be forgotten that we are dealing with a collective task, an effort that commits the whole of society and thereby the diverse spheres of thought and of collective action, hence it is necessary also to be conscious that the contribution of the Law to the challenge set by research on the Human Genome will necessarily be partial and limited. At the same time a basic aim is to ensure the presence of the Chair in the main national and international forums. To this end institutional relations have been established for scientific collaboration and the interchange of information and criteria, by means of opportune programs, with international organisations, as well as with foreign centers and institutions dedicated to studies on Bioethics and Medical Law.

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