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Interdepartmental Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW) - [German]


Research Centre (national)


Potthast, Thomas (Dr.)

Wilhelmstraße 19

72074 Tübingen


Phone: +49-(0)70712977981 Fax: +49-(0)7071-29-5255

E-Mail: izew@uni-tuebingen.de
URL: http://www.izew.uni-tuebingen.de/


Engels, Eve-Marie (Prof. Dr.)

Short Description:

The Interdepartmental Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW), founded in 1990, is an interdisciplinary research center at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. Here, researchers are taking part in the project of an "ethics in the sciences and humanities" which by its very nature directly addresses the question of responsibility both in research and teaching. The IZEW is concerned to facilitate and promote dialogue between the natural sciences, the humanities and the social sciences, with regard to ethical questions.

Research at the IZEW addresses issues as genetic engineering with respect to plants, animals and human beings, environmental ethics, transplant medicine, and fundamental questions of ethics in the sciences and humanities. Further focal points of interest are the transfer of information between research and teaching, and the documentation of the research on the ethics of science. In lecture series, conferences, reports, publications and teaching, the IZEW informs the university and the wider public. The IZEW maintains one of the largest specialist libraries on the ethics of science in Europe.

The methodological approach to an ethics in the sciences and humanities that has been developed by the IZEW has been successfully implemented in the practice of research, teaching and public communication. In a recent across-the-board evaluation of the life sciences at universities in Baden-Württemberg (2002), the IZEW was described as "outstanding in terms of quality of research and an unique feature of Tübingen" with a "high national and international profile." To date, some 60 research monographs have been produced at the IZEW (of which 50 are doctoral dissertations and a further five postdoctoral theses), the majority in the postgraduate programme on "Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities" (1991-2000) that was sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Support for promising young researchers in the field of interdisciplinary ethics is being continued with the new postgraduate programme "Bioethics - Theoretical Foundations, Neurosciences, Genetic Information" since January 2004.

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