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Program on Bioethics PAHO/WHO (BIO) - [Spanish]


Research Centre (international)


Fernando Lolas Stepke

Av. Providencia 1017, piso 7

750-0620 Santiago

Phone: +56-(0)2-236-0330 Fax: +56-(0)2-346-7219

E-Mail: bioetica@chi.ops-oms.org
URL: http://www.paho.org/bioetica


Prof.Dr. Lolas Stepke, Fernando

Short Description:


BIO is a technical program of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) which collaborates with public and private institutions in developing and applying concepts and procedures appropriate to the ethical sustainability of decisions regarding scientific research, technical training and cooperation, professional development and health care.


* Initiate, promote and support activities related to the ethical assessment of results from biomedical and psychosocial research, health care and general or professional education.
* Contribute to the academic and applied development of health-related disciplines from the standpoint of bioethical methods and procedures.
* Collaborate with PAHO/WHO Divisions, Institutes and Centers in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of plans, programs and projects.
* Identify individuals and institutions involved in bioethical reflection and develop interaction networks for the strengthening of research, teaching, and public communication.
* Serve as reference point for conceptualizing emergent problems related to accessibility, equity, values, and social support of public policies on health.
* Develop ties with centers and organisms outside Latin America and the Caribbean in order to stress the regional specificity in contents and policies. Contribute to world literature in bioethical matters.


The Regional Program on Bioethics stimulates, foments, supports and implements conferences, courses, seminaries and workshops in all the countries of the Region, altogether with other organisms of PAHO and their Representations, in the framework of the technical collaboration for the development of human resources in Bioethics.

The Regional Program of Bioethics collaborates with the development of basic and advanced academic programs for forming, capacitating and improvement of health professionals and those who work in other areas.

The Regional Program on Bioethics participates in the design and formulation of policies for scientific research according to the PAHO/WHO objectives in the area of the countries of the Region.

The Regional Program on Bioethics keeps a Documentation Center and Data Bases about interdisciplinary matters that belong to the bioethics field.

The Regional Program on Bioethics supports publications and programs that have as a goal the conceptual strengthen, diffusion and rigour of the applied ethical work that is been developed in the countries of the Region.

The Regional program on Bioethics publishes periodically technical documents, monographs, study texts and informative bulletins to document and preserve regional contributions to the bioethical field.

The Regional program on Bioethics collaborates with the Interdisciplinary Center of Studies on Bioethics of the University of Chile in keeping a web site that serves as a bibliographic reference tool, source of original documentation and information about development of bioethics in the countries of the Region.

The Regional program on Bioethics operates as an intermediary among experts, general public, legislators, researchers and planners in the experiences interchange, concepts and priorities to contrast, articulate and harmonize divergent ways of thinking about ethical implications of science, technology and administration.

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