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Center for Medical Ethics Bochum (ZME) - [German]


Research Centre (national)


Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Zentrum für Medizinische Ethik e.V.

Gebäude GA Ebene 3 Zimmer 53

Universitätsstraße 150

44780 Bochum

Phone: +49-(0)234-32-23394 Fax: +49-(0)234-3214-598

E-Mail: jochen.vollmann@rub.de
URL: http://www.medizinethik-bochum.de/


Vollmann, J. (Prof. Dr. Dr.)

Short Description:

In 1986 faculty members of Ruhr-University founded the Zentrum für Medizinische Ethik. The Center is a non-profit tax-exempt institution and serves as a research, teaching and consulting center in issues of applied ethics, especially in clinical ethics and bioethics. The Center specializes in developing practical instruments for moral assessment of cases and scenarios in biomedical research and patient care.

The CHIRON is the Center's logo. According to Greek mythology, Chiron, the most prudent among the centaurs, educated Aesculap in the arts and sciences of medicine.


the research program of the Center for Medical Ethics is based on the scholarly interests of the faculty members; it includes independent and contract research. Special competence is in the fields of Moral Assessment in patient care, allocation, clinical research, and regulation.

- Bochum Protocol for Ethical Medical Practice, a 'Points to Consider..' list for value evaluation and quality of life assessment in patient care, translated into 8 languages.

- Case Study Workshops, specializing in methodological issues of ethical case analysis and scenario assessment, integrating ethical and technical expertise

- Research Colloquia, addressing special issues of moral assessment in medicine, technology, business, and regulation

- Ethics Committees, analysis and assessment of methods, membership, and materials of Institutional Review Boards with emphasis on strong and efficient integration of biomedical ethical into biomedical research.

- Teaching Material has been developed for academic teaching and continuous education.


Classes for medical students and interdisciplinary studies are offered regularly at the Ruhr-University. Special seminars and intensive courses are available on request.


Members of the Center have consulted in various capacities to government, professional organizations, and business on topics such as Allocation, Clinical Research, Ethics Committees, Expertsystems, Drug Design, Human Fertility.

Publication and Documentation

The series "Medizinethische Materialien" has become a leading vehicle of scholarly exchange and transfer of concepts and information in biomedical ethics in the Federal Republic of Germany; over 100 titles have been published since 1987.

The Thesaurus for the on-line database "bioethicsline" is available through the Center of Medical Ethics.

International Cooperation

The Bochum Center for Medical Ethics cooperates worldwide with research institutions such as The Kennedy Instute of Ethics, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, the Chinese Society for Medical Ethics, Xian, China, and the Centro de Bioetica, La Plata, Argentinia.

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