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Interdisciplinary Research Centre of Bioethics * (CRIB) - [French]


Research Centre (national)


Pinsart, Marie-Geneviève (Prof.)

Capmus du Solbosch

Bât. NA3.109 A

50, Avenue F.D.Roosevelt

1050 Bruxelles


Phone: +32-2-650-2343 Fax: + 32-2-650-36 47

E-Mail: crib@ulb.ac.be
URL: http://dev.ulb.ac.be/philo/crib/index.htm


Hottois, Gilbert (Prof.)

Short Description:

The Centre for Inter-disciplinary Research in Bioethics, (CRIB) at the University of Brussels, was started by Gilbert Hottois(ULB) and Charles Susanne(VUB) in 1987. Connected to the Department of Philosophy and Religious Sciences, but inter-disciplinary in the largest sense of the word (Medicine, Biology, Human Sciences, Philosophy, Law..), the CRIB adopted a pluralistic and free-thinking approach. Its field of interest stretches to all issues relating to ethics generated by the development of sciences and health : from medical ethics to environmental ethics, to questions on ethics for individuals and collective ethical issues (social, economical, political). For years, the CRIB has benefited from the support of the "Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique" (National Scientific Research Fund).
The research carried out by the CRIB members is co-ordinated within the framework of the seminars and symposiums, contact groups, and individuals.
The CRIB is equally associated with educational institutions meant for first and third year university students.

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