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Institute of the History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine - [German]


University Chair (national)


Fangerau, Heiner (Prof. Dr.)

Frauensteige 6

89075 Ulm


Phone: +49 (0)731 500-39901 Fax: +49 (0)731 500-39902

E-Mail: med.gte@uni-ulm.de
URL: http://www.uni-ulm.de/gte


Fangerau, Heiner (Prof. Dr.)

Short Description:

The Institute of the History, Philosophy, and Ethics of Medicine at Ulm University covers a wide range of fields in research as well as in teaching and training.

With staff from various backgrounds –Medicine and Life Sciences, Ethnology, Philology, Philosophy, Political Studies, History, History of Science and Technology, Historical Anthropology to name but a few – the Institute practices a truly transdisciplinary approach.

It not only teaches medical students the historical, philosophical and ethical backgrounds of their field, thus enabling them to adequately cope with the challenges of their later everyday professional life, but it also engages in on-the-job-training for doctors and other hospital staff and has successfully established a counseling service for ethical questions in the fields of medicine and healthcare.

The institute carries out research on a wide scale of ethical problems in medical contexts and makes use of reconstructed historical and scientific lines of development for approaching current issues.

At Ulm University, the Institute therefore represents the interaction of medicine and society from the point of view of culture and the humanities.

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