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Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu - [Estonian]


University Chair (national)


Sutrop, Margit (Prof.)

Ülikooli 7

50090 Tartu


Phone: +372-(0)7-35-427 Fax: +372-(0)7-375-427

E-Mail: eetikakeskus@ut.ee
URL: http://www.ut.ee/eetikakeskus/?eng


Sutrop, Margit (Prof.)

Short Description:

Centre for Ethics of the University of Tartu was established in June 2001 as an interdisciplinary unit within the Faculty of Philosophy. Philosophers, medical doctors, biologists, theologists, lawyers and social scientists participate in the work of the Centre. The Centre is governed by the Board and members represent various faculties of the University. The Centre additionally has an International Board of Trustees.

The Centre aims at:

- Organizing interdisciplinary research regarding the ethical issues pertaining to science, society and research activities

- furthering reflections upon norms, values and questions of justice in the Estonian society through organizing public lectures, meetings, seminars and discussions

- coordinating and improve the teaching of ethics in the University of Tartu, prepare, compile and publish anthologies and textbooks on ethics.

- developing contacts with other ethics centres and organize visits by guest lecturers

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