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Centre for Ethics and Law in Nature and Society - [Danish]


Documentation Centre (national)


Kemp, Peter (Dr.)

Valkendorfsgade 30, III

1151 Copenhagen K


Phone: +45-(0)33-691616 Fax: +45-(0)33-691617

E-Mail: centre.for@ethiclaw.dk
URL: http://www.ethiclaw.dk/


Rosted, Jørgen

Short Description:

The aim of the Danish Centre for Ethics and Law in Nature and Society (Center for Etik og Ret i Natur og Samfund) is to initiate research and international cooperation in the fields of ethics and law. The Centre intends to promote philosophical thought on the relationship between ethics and law; in particular, between
- bioethics and biolaw
- social ethics and social law
- environmental ethics and environmental law
- food production/consumption and food ethics
in order to contribute to new perspectives in the philosophy of law and ethics.

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