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Foresight Study - Future Trends and Challenges in Pathogenomics - [German]


Oct 2004 - Apr 2005


Tannert, Christof (Dr.)

Research Group Bioethics and Science Communication

Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine

Robert-Rössler-Str. 10

13125 Berlin


Phone: +49-(0)309406-2203

E-Mail: tannert@mdc-berlin.de
URL: http://www.bioethik-diskurs.de/documents/arch...ml/view

Short Description:

The goal of this study was to provide an overview on major future trends and challenges in the field of genomic research on human-pathogenic bacteria and fungi by assessing the current main research foci as well as the perceived gaps in research and putting them into relation to future challenges. Besides scientific developments, economical, political and societal aspects such as market development for diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases, bottlenecks in technology transfer were taken into account. Publication: Sven Pompe, Judith Simon, Peter M. Wiedemann, Christof Tannert (2005): Future trends and challenges in pathogenomics. A Foresight Study. EMBO-Reports 6 (7), 600-605

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