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Delphi-Study - [German]


Mar 2003 - Oct 2004

Funding body:

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)


Tannert, Christof (Dr.)

Research Group Bioethics and Science Communication

Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine

Robert-Rössler-Str. 10

13125 Berlin


Phone: +49-(0)309406-2203

E-Mail: tannert@mdc-berlin.de
URL: http://www.bioethik-diskurs.de/documents/Engl...ml/view

Short Description:

A study on the Future of Stem Cell Research in Germany, referred to as the `Delphi Study`, was conducted. Following the standard procedure, a postal questionnaire with 57 hypotheses on the future of basic and aplied reserach on embryonic and adult stem cells as well as relevant societal aspects was administered twice to leading German stem cell experts, and the results have been compared and analyzed. Publications:
P.M. Wiedemann, J. Simon, S. Schicktanz, C. Tannert (2004): „The future of stem cell research in Germany. A delphi study.” EMBO Reports 5 (10), 927-931
Sven Pompe, Michael Bader, Christof Tannert (2005): “The State of the Art, and the Legal and Public Debate on Stem Cell Research”, EMBO Reports, 6 (4), 297-300

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