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SIBIL - Collection and dissemination of information in bioethics through an integrated electronic system - [Italian]


Feb 2001 - Feb 2015


Della Seta, Maurella

Settore Documentazione

Istituto Superiore di Sanitą

Viale Regina Elena 299

00161 Rome


Phone: +39-(0)6-49903276

E-Mail: maurella.dellaseta@iss.it
URL: http://www.iss.it/sibi


Della Seta, Maurella


MAURELLA DELLA SETA, Settore Documentazione ISS

MIRKO DI BENEDETTO, Settore Documentazione ISS

FEDERICA NAPOLITANI, Settore per le Attivitą Editoriali ISS

CLAUDIA NAVARINI, Settore Documentazione ISS

SCILLA PIZZARELLI, Settore Documentazione ISS

ELISABETTA POLTRONIERI, Settore per le Attivitą Editoriali ISS

CINZIA SELLITRI, Settore Informatico ISS

Short Description:

The aim of the project is providing an updated overview of available informative and educational resources in bioethics: bibliographic documentation, internet sites, events, news, etc.
Of main importance is the SIBIL database, which records and collects Italian literature, both official and non conventional, since 1995. The database is a tool for easily locating documents within a network of Italian centers working in the field of bioethics.
SIBIL improves access to information relating to bioethics and promotes its diffusion at a national and international level; it gathers and coordinates data from a variety of sources; it facilitates the sharing and exchange of information between research groups and Ethics Committees operating in Italy.
SIBIL is targeted for researchers, health workers, teachers and general public; institutions, committees, universities, centres and other organisations concerned with bioethics and, more in general, with biomedical research; students and schools; libraries, and other organisations that handle documentary material on bioethics.
Through SIBIL is possible: to search for documents by author, title, year of publication, place of publication, publisher, type of publication, key-words; save and/or send such documents by e-mail; link up to full texts or to other sites indicated without closing the current session; request bibliographical searches and receive results by e-mail. It is also possible to consult the Italian Thesaurus on Bioethics (TIB) used to index documents.
The TIB thesaurus: links terms both hierarchically and by association; shows synonyms and related terms; is regularly revised and updated; can be consulted and downloaded in its entirety.


animal experimentation – assisted reproduction – biotechnology – cloning – embryo research – end of life – environmental ethics – euthanasia – genetic research / engineering – medical ethics – organ / tissue transplantation

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