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Recent tendencies in intercultural transfer of methods and conceptions in medicine - historical, anthropological, and ethic perspectives - [German]


Jan 2010 - Sep 2011


Dr. Frank Kressing

Frauensteige 6

D-89075 Ulm


E-Mail: frank.kressing@uni-ulm.de
URL: http://www.uni-ulm.de/gte


Dr. Frank Kressing

Short Description:

The aim of this project is a critical review of contemporary intercultural transfer processes in medicine, focusing on
- the use (and misuse) of non-western, mostly spiritually based methods of diagnosis, therapy, and health in a "western" context
- the perception of non-European concepts of ritual and healing in regard of a historically developed background of idealization and ethnocentric rejection of foreign cultures
- the substitution of insufficiently met needs and expectations in western health care systems by importing facettes of non-western health care systems
- commercial aspects of diagnostic and therapeutic outsourcing
- indigenous knowledge and indigenous property rights


delivery of health care

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