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Technical Biology - history and ethics of - English


Jan 2007 - Sep 2010


Prof. Dr. Heiner Fangerau

Frauensteige 6

D-89075 Ulm


E-Mail: med.gte@uni-ulm.de
URL: http://www.uni-ulm.de/gte


Prof. Dr. Heiner Fangerau

Short Description:

In the project we intend to reconstruct the social networks that were involved in disseminating technological ideals and connecting engineering, biology and medicine. The combined social and conceptual parameters that influenced the diffusion of bioengineering concepts into medical research will be analysed using the rarely investigated case of “technical biology” as it was conceived around 1900. The idea of “abiogenesis” put forward for example by Jacques Loeb and the implementation of bioengineering technologies into clinical practice will be explored.


history of science

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