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Ethical issues of evidence based practice in medicine and health care (EVIBASE) - German


Jan 1995 - Jan 2020

Funding body:

European Commission


Abteilung Ethik und Geschichte der Medizin der Universität Göttingen

Humboldtallee 36

37073 Göttingen


Phone: +49-(0)551-39-9006 Fax: +49-(0)551-39-9554

Short Description:

This project wants to gather information on the ethical issues that are involved in the efforts to rationalise medicine and health care on the basis of empirical evidence (evidence based medicine). By an identification of the values that play a role in these efforts, these values can be subjected to professional and public debate. This debate will be stimulated by reports, academic publications, a bibliography, a set of recommendations and an expert meeting.

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