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Care and euthanasia. An empirical ethical and fundamental ethical study of the role of nurses in euthanasia. -


Jan 2003 - Nov 2006


Gastmans, Chris

Interfac.centr. Biomed. ethiek & recht, U.Z.

Kapucijnenvoer 35

3000 Leuven


Phone: +32 16 336951 Fax: +32 16 336952

E-Mail: Chris.Gastmans@med.kuleuven.be
URL: http://www.kuleuven.be/research/researchdatab...697.htm


Gastmans, Chris


Dierckx de Casterlé, Bernadette

Short Description:

This research project aims to clarify the involvement of nurses in the process of euthanasia. The empirical-ethical component aims to focus on the actual involvement of Flemish nurses in the euthanasia process. Founded on in-depth interviews and focus groups with nurses, the initial study will attempt to implement a process of inductive thematic analysis to come to a nuanced pic- ture of the way in which and the extent to which nurses are actu- ally involved in euthanasia. In the second study, nursing invol- vement will be explored quantitatively. Based on the qualitative study's results and a literature survey on this subject, a valid instrument will be developed that can chart in detail the invol- vement of Flemish nurses. The philosophical-ethical component of the research project also consists of two studies.



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