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Regenerative medicine through stem cell research and therapy: a foundational ethical research. -


Oct 2005 - Sep 2007


Schotsmans, Paul (Prof. Dr.)

Interfac.centr. Biomed. ethiek & recht, U.Z.

Kapucijnenvoer 35

3000 Leuven


Phone: +32 16 336957 Fax: +32 16 336952

E-Mail: Paul.Schotsmans@med.kuleuven.be
URL: http://www.kuleuven.be/research/researchdatab...tm#proj


Schotsmans, Paul (Prof. Dr.)

Short Description:

The current research project is structured as follows: first, questions about the use of different kinds of stem cells - embryonic, fetal and somatic - in the context of state of the art research will be addressed. Secondly, we will offer an overview of the most recent opinions from national Ethics Committees or similar bodies, public debate and national legislation in relation to human stem cell research. Thirdly, we will evaluate stem cell research by means of two ethical methods: the clinical-ethical approach and the cultural-philosophical or normative one. The former will concentrate on problems discussed in Medical Ethics committees, e;g. whether one may use Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis to create a compatible stem cell donor. By means of the normative approach, we will reflect on the christian theological tradition and try to indicate how ethical discourse on biotechnological issues is informed and shaped by specific theological themes, i.e. the creation theme. To some, it seems that humankind usurped the divine creator's place and, by doing this, crossed a border. To others, this medical breakhrough is in line with previous technological innovations in medicine: the human as 'created co-creator'.


embryonic stem cells

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