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Ethical Traceability and Informed Choice in Food Ethical Issues -


Apr 2004 - Nov 2006

Funding body:

Swiss National Science Foundation


Coff, Christian

Centre for Ethics and Law in Nature and Society

Valkendorfsgade 30, III

1151 Copenhagen K


Phone: +45 - 33 69 16 16 Fax: +45 - 33 69 16 17

E-Mail: coff@ethiclaw.dk
URL: http://www.ethiclaw.dk/publication/Ethical%20...F35.pdf


Coff, Christian


Korthals, Michiel

Ciaramelli, Fabio

Kristensen, Niels Heine

Kabourakis, Manolis

Barling, David

Lang, Tim

Short Description:

The main objective of the project is to develop the concept of food ethical traceability as the basis for consumers informed choice. This will on the one hand be done by mapping relevant food ethical issues (philosophically and sociologically) for the consumers, producers and retailers, and on the other by investigating how food ethical issues can be developed and used within foodproducing companies and retailers to assure effective communication strategiesand the informed choice by consumers.

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