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Ethical aspects of genetic databases and new technologies: individual versus common values and goods -


Jan 2005 - Jan 2008


Sutrop, Margit (Prof.)

UT Centre for Ethics

Ülikooli 18

50090 Tartu


Phone: +372 7 375 427 Fax: +372 7 375 427

E-Mail: margit.sutrop@ut.ee
URL: http://www.ut.ee/eetikakeskus/?eng/tegevus/21#ETF


Sutrop, Margit (Prof.)

Short Description:

The objective of the project is to study the philosophical-ethical issues that have emerged in connection with the speedy development of science and technology. A closer look will be taken on the individual and collective values in bioethics and to analyse the possible dilemmas raising in the cases when the individual and collective good are not compatible. A good model for analysing the conflict between the liberal and communitarian (common) values both in the context of bioethics as well as in that of politics in general are the projects of genetic databases and the new technologies related to those (pharmacogenetics, nutrigenetics and the gene technology).

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