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Reconfigurations of Human/Animal Relations in Genomics and Beyond - English


Sep 2004 - Sep 2007


Twine, Richard (Dr.)

CESAGen, Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University

County South, Lancaster University

LA1 4YD Lancaster

United Kingdom

Phone: +44-(0)1524 510844 Fax: +44-(0)1524 510856

E-Mail: r.twine@lancaster.ac.uk
URL: http://www.cesagen.lancs.ac.uk/roar/index.htm


Twine, Richard (Dr.)

Holland, Alan (Prof.)

Aitken, Gill (Dr.)

Short Description:

Many issues are raised for our ethical treatment of animals. Some may arguably continue previous instrumental relations whilst others may promote less hierarchical relations. Yet biotechnological impacts are more complex than this and may involve simultaneous effects that both instrumentalise and imply closer animal-human continuities. Outside of genomics and biotechnology examples such as fox hunting and live exports illustrate the ability of human-animal relations to be provocative, public and political issues. The biotechnological impact upon these relations will be further contextualised by previous attempts to establish GM technologies. They amplify issues of public trust in science and governmental institutions and wider ethical and sociological questions about how and why we value other animals.

The ROAR project will involve a constellation of interconnected projects. These will focus, for example, on the application of genomics to farm animals, GM/Transgenic animals, animal patents, animals as biopharmaceuticals, concepts of animal suffering and public engagement on human/animal relations.


animal ethics

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