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Emerging Politics of New Genetic Technologies Home - English


Nov 2005 - Nov 2008


Plows, Alex (Dr.)


6 Museum Place

CF10 3BG Cardiff

United Kingdom

Phone: +44-(0)29 2087 0025

E-Mail: PlowsA@cardiff.ac.uk
URL: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fss/cesagen/politics/index.htm


Evans, Robert (Dr.)

Welsh, Ian (Dr.)

Plows, Alex (Dr.)

Short Description:

This 3 year project is about public engagement with new genetic technologies. This work has been predominantly UK focused, with attention also paid to EU regulatory developments and European actors. Focusing on human applications, the project has been mapping the social dynamics of emerging public responses to this high profile science project, identifying core areas of interest and concern as expressed by different publics in relation to a broad variety of issues and themes. ‘Publics’ are here defined as civil society in its broadest sense and the project is thus mapping engagement (actions, discourse frames) amongst:
* Producers of genomic techniques, including scientists, clinicians and administrators in both private and public sectors
* Regulators of genomic techniques, at local, regional, national, European and global levels, but with a primary focus on UK and European institutions
* Engagement with genomic techniques by social movements and other organisations through which public support or opposition to genomic techniques might be organised, such as campaign groups, patient groups and other grass root organisations.
A 'timeline' and ethnographic overview is being produced, and a database of prime movers has been collated. Methodologically, the project has been taking 'snapshots' at various ethnographic sites. The research is now moving into the coding and analysis stage. Using Nvivo qualitative coding software, interview and other research data is being coded to identify core discursive frames and actor network interaction patterns.

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