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CHIMBRIDS“ (Chimeras and Hybrids in Comparative European and International Research: Scientific, ethical, philosophical and legal aspects) - [German]


Dec 2005 - Dec 2007

Funding body:

European Commission


Taupitz, Jochen (Prof. Dr.)

Universität Mannheim, Schloß

68131 Mannheim


Phone: +49-(0)621 / 181 1381/1328 Fax: +49-(0)621 / 181 1380

E-Mail: taupitz@jura.uni-mannheim.de
URL: http://www.imgb.de/fakul/jura/imgb


Taupitz, Jochen (Prof. Dr.)


Kranz, Sara

Weschka, Marion

Short Description:

The project focuses on research with mixed creatures consisting of human and animal cells from which science hopes to gain new insights with regard to the fight against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis. A prominent example concerns research with transgenic animals, which are created by the insertion of human cells into the body of the animal. E.g. in genetics, transgenic animals are used as models for research on serious human diseases in order to avoid the need to carry out the scientific experiments directly with human beings. Also with regard to xenotransplantation, i.e. the transplantation of animal organs onto human beings, there are hopes that the insertion of human cells into the animal organ, which is to be transplanted, might help to reduce the otherwise severe tissue rejection of the human body. Currently, the basic natural scientific principles of this new research area as well as the corresponding controversial ethical, philosophical and legal questions still remain to be explained and resolved.
During the different stages of the project, the scientists will analyse these basic questions concerning the creation and utilisation of human-animal-mixed creatures on the basis of specific research areas in order to develop recommendations for the national and European legislator and the scientific community. Prof. Dr. Jochen Taupitz, the project leader and director of the IMGB feels confident: "The CHIMBRIDS-project will contribute significantly to a better understanding of the natural scientific, philosophical, ethical and legal questions concerning mixed creatures."



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