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NanoEthics: Deliberating and Shaping - English


Jan 2004 - Jun 2008

Funding body:

Swiss National Science Foundation


Kaiser, Mario

Institut für Geschichte und Epistemologie der Medizin

Schönbeinstrasse 20

4056 Basel


Phone: +41-(061) 267 30 67 Fax: +41-(061) 260 11 33

E-Mail: mario.kaiser@unibas.ch
URL: http://pages.unibas.ch/wissen/main/forschung/...ano.htm


Maasen, Sabine (Prof. Dr.)

Rehmann-Sutter, Christoph (Prof. Dr.)


Rubin, Beatrix (Dr.)

Jackie Leach Scully (Dr.)

Kaiser, Mario

Kurath, Monika (Dr.)

Short Description:

Clearly, politicians, scientists
and engineers had learnt from past experiences such as the refusal of genetically modified
organisms in agriculture, and from the debate about the Human Genome project. The
lessons learnt are:
• That ethical and sociological reflection should accompany and not just follow technological
research and development;
• That ethical and sociological expertise should not simply analyse or negotiate possible
conflicts, but should at the same time initiate partnerships such that diverse groups of
experts can learn from each other and profit from their different perspectives and interests.
The project outlined below, which consists of two modules with two subprojects each, builds
on both these lessons: We use the opportunity of close encounters with the various scientists
and engineers at the NCCR Nanoscale Science (University of Basel) to analyse this special form
of science and technology as it matures. In particular, we want to study how public exposure
of a key technological development with regard to its ethical and societal implications entails
coping activities at the interface of science and the public (module one), as well as the research
agendas within the scientific communities (module two).

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