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Governing Genetic Databases - English


May 2005 - Mar 2006


The Ethox Centre, University of Oxford, Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care

Old Road Campus,Headington

OX3 7LF Oxford

United Kingdom

Phone: +44-(0)1865 226936 Fax: +44-(0)1865 226938

E-Mail: admin@ethox.ox.ac.uk
URL: http://www.ethox.org.uk/research/genetics/database.htm


Kaye, Jane (Dr.)

Smart, Andrew (Dr.)

Parker, Michael (Prof.Dr.)

Gibbons, Sue (Dr.)

Short Description:

This project will combine an empirical social research study with a legal review. We will ascertain whether (or how far) existing governance practices and procedures accord with legal requirements, and/or the extent to which they require adaptation. From this we will make recommendations for more appropriate and effective governance methods and models that could be used for genetic databases. The aim is that these are coherent and practically workable, but also based on a sound principled foundation, compliant with existing legal requirements, and easily adaptable to reflect future reforms in a clear, coherent, logical and consistent manner.


theory of science

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