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Der Status des extrakorporalen Embryos in interdisziplinärer Perspektive - ein Verbundprojekt ** - [German]


Oct 2002 - Feb 2006

Funding body:

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)


Maio, Giovanni (Prof. Dr.)

Lehrstuhl für Bioethik

Stefan-Meier-Strasse 26

79104 Freiburg


Phone: +49-(0)761-203-5034 Fax: +49-(0)761-203-5032

E-Mail: maio@sfa.ukl.uni-freiburg.de
URL: http://www.ivp-see.uni-freiburg.de/EmbryoFrames.htm


Maio, Giovanni (PD Dr.)


Bengel, Jürgen (Prof. Dr. Dr.)

Degele, Nina (Prof. Dr.)

Diedrich, Klaus (Prof. Dr.)

Engels, Eve-Marie (Prof. Dr.)

Eser, Albin (Prof. Dr. Dr.)

Keck, Christoph (PD Dr.)

Nippert, Irmgard (Prof. Dr.)

Peteres, Christoph (Prof. Dr.)

Schockenhoff, Eberhard (Prof. Dr.)

Sippel, Albrecht E. (Prof. Dr.)

Stark, Björn (Prof. Dr.)

Wahl, Rainer (Prof. Dr.)

Wolff, Gerhard (Prof. Dr.)

Wolfrum, Rüdiger (Prof. Dr. Dr.)

Short Description:

The aim of this project is to take a look at the status of the in-vitro embryo from different
angles. This approach of intimate exchange between the different disciplines should yield
new insights on how we reach differing assessments based on different explanatory patterns.
The project primarily focuses on the embryo in-vitro. The in-vitro embryo was, until recently,
primarily seen from the perspective of reproductive medicine, concerning both its
circumstances of coming into existence and its use. More recent scientific insights into the
potentially different applications of embryonic tissue along with advances in the medical and
technological sector broadened the spectrum of potential uses of in-vitro embryos. In
addition, brandnew findings on the role the maternal organism plays in an embryo’s
development lead to problems with maintaining the idea of the embryo as an autonomous
entity, which is already – from the point of fertilization on – equipped with the entire
prerequisites needed to later on build a complete organism. With the use of preimplantation
diagnosis becoming more widespread, research on embryonic stem cells expanding and new
ways of cloning being introduced, the extracorporeal embryo needs is tagged as an entity
that is in dire need of a moral and legal placement in the face of expanding biological
knowledge. This projects has set out to contribute its part to such a placement.


beginning of life – embryo research – embryonic stem cells – in vitro fertilisation – medical ethics – preimplantation diagnosis

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